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Evanston Township High School 
Evanston, IL 


YTC began in 2008 and its students have donated computers, held classes for pre-teens to senior citizens as well as explored robotics and 3-D printing.  YTC Youth has brought computers and training to New Orleans LA, and Galveston, TX. Angela James, a YTC board member oversees the club with Instructor, Jeremy Mingo.

What is a YTC CLUB

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Morton East High School - Cicero, IL 


YTC's first club started in 1998 refurbishing old computers and then donating them back into the community. The students ran computer literacy courses at the labs they built at local non-profits. The school hosted families that received donations and the club provided ongoing support and training.

When a student in the classroom asked if he could send a computer to his grandfather in Durango Mexico, little did he know the road they were all going down. Not only did YTC get his grandfather a computer, YTC sponsored by the community of Cicero Illinois brought a class of students down and gifted the entire village with technology. Learn more about the amazing story of YTC, Cicero and the connection to the state of Durango Mexico by clicking on the Morton East Page.

The program still goes strong at Morton East and the relationship with Durango Mexico has blossomed into an intertwined STEM Ecosystem that exists both at the High School and Collegiate levels. In 2017, the students at Morton High School and College virtually taught an Arduino-based robotics program to a class in Mexico. The fruits of that experience ushered in a new era of expansion that has guided us through the pandemic and beyond.


Durango, Mexico

Designed to be international and multi-lingual from its beginning.  In 2000 YTC brought six students and 10 computers to Durango Mexico, home of two of the students building a multi-faceted academic and cultural relationship.  

  • YTC youth have donated over 1200 refurbished computers to Durango’s schools and communities.

  • YTC brought 130 Chicago teens to Durango between 2000-2008 on one-week computer-cultural exchange trips.

  • YTC annually hosts 40-50 Durango students & teachers in Chicago in a one-week academic, cultural & technology collaboration

  • Morton East High School and Nuevo Ideal, Durango Mexico students hold joint weekly webinars on Coding & Robotics projects.


YTC is a founding member and Education Dir. of the FEDERACIÓN DURANGUENSE  EN CHICAGO Y MEDIO OESTE working with the Governor of Durango and surrounding communities.


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 Over the many years, YTC has provided a week immersed in technology, nature, team building, and friendship. The camps have taken place in National Parks and recreation areas in North Carolina, Missouri and Southern Illinois. It's a week packed with activities and new experiences for each student.

TECHNOLOGY: Computers, Arduinos, and more – Participants receive an introduction to Computer A+ Certification, learn to program Arduinos (C and C++) and program their own camp medallion on our 3-D Printer. 


SERVICE:  Every camp prepares computers that are donated to a community organization in need


TEAM BUILDING: YTC’s teambuilding helps participants from different communities work and play together. YTC Students have also led STEM training sessions to non-Ytc campers at shared or adjoining camp sites.

FUN:  Summer camp offers adventure, fun, hope, and life-changing experiences for city youth. For many, these camps have been the student's first time away from the urban setting.        


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Titanium Tech Competition will be designed to be:

  • A part of a club’s activities

  • A fun way to learn new skills

  • A source of pride for medalists

YTC’s Titanium Tech Competition consists of:


  • Build a computer from a pile of parts and boot it up

  • Troubleshoot a sabotaged computer and boot it up

  • Computer Jeopardy – explain key terms & concepts in rapid fire questions

  • A Robotics Competition

A fun, exciting event with unlimited potential!

       TitaniumTech Competition   

Every spring, YTC hosts "Titanium Tech Competion” where students from each club compete for the championship.  The team to repairs their computer the quickest wins. Participants represent our Charter clubs, select local and regional clubs, and a select delegation from YTC Durango. The students enjoy spirited competition, engaging collaborations, and cultural exchanges.

Students work hard all year honing their skills to participate. Each club chooses its best students for each team testing their ability to work together learning about quality control, conflicts, and time management. Winners are recognized while earning mini-grants for their individual clubs.

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