YTC clubs operate on two fundamental principals:

  1. Learn technology in hands-on, authentic situations 

  2. Use the skills learned and hardware repaired to help others, while providing a safe environment. 

  • A club can meet from once a week to every day

  • All club members get an introduction to robotics using Arduinos, do-it-yourself project kits that teach coding and robotics as well as basic electronics

  • Motivated youth proceed with Coding, Advanced Robotics, CompTIA’s A+ Certification, or choose other YTC initiatives.

  • Budgets can range from $0 (all volunteer) to $35,000 or more

  • All club members learn “Computer Basics”

  • All club members learn how to refurbish computers


YTC Club Benefits: 

  • Access to YTC’s cloud-based resources and club website

  • Support & instruction in monthly webinars

  • Invitations to YTC’s Free Computer Camps

  • Invitation to YTC’s annual Titanium Tech Competition

  • Data Tracking for Rosters, Attendance, Test scores, Donations



Morton East High School - Cicero, IL 


YTC's first club started in 1998. The club is open Monday - Thursday after school and has between 20-25 members. Students are refurbishing and donating computers, exploring robotics and holding webinars with students in Durango, Mexico. The club and school also host 45 Durango Mexico students and teachers for the annual Titatanium Tech Challenge Week each spring since 2004.

Morton East High School Students

Evanston Township High School - Evanston, IL 


YTC began in 2008 and its students have donated computers, held classes for pre-teens to senior citizens as well as exploring robotics and 3-D printing.  YTC Youth have brought computers and training to New Orleans LA, and Galveston, TX. Angela James, YTC board member oversees the club with Instructor, Jeremy Mingo.


ETHS YTC at the annual Titanium Tech Challenge 2019 in Cicero, IL

Farragut Career Academy - Chicago, IL

YTC began in 2009 supported by Chicago's After School Matters. Fred Hernandez, YTC's instructor leads 15-17 students in computer repair and robotics.

Besides donating computers to the school, the students have also repair computers for two local grammar schools. 

The Benton House - Bridgeport, IL

The Bridgeport YTC Initiative is a YTC collective of STEM programs that include classes at Benton House, Fellowship House and Gad's Hill in Pilsen.

Benton House has a rich history with YTC. This 100-plus year- old community center was the host of YTC programs from 2005 -2009, and then served as YTC corporate headquarters from 2009-2017. In 2017, Benton House became the launch point for the Bridegport YTC Initiative, where they made donations to community centers and individuals alike, also launching a satellite YTC Program at Fellowship House. 


YTC Program at Fellowship House was created to open doors for students who were not able to attend the program at Benton House. Fellowship House is part of Chicago Youth Centers and the team from Fellowship House tied for second place in the 2018 Titanium Tech Competition.


Gads Hill located in Pilsen hosts a Summer YTC Program as an offshoot of the Bridgeport YTC Program. Started in the summer of 2018, students were introduced to a STEAM curriculum and worked with the students of Benton House to donate computers to families in the community surrounding this community center. Gads Hill curriculum focuses on networking and robotics while addressing the lack of access to the digital world in their community.


Gads Hill Donation

BHBridgeport Group.jpg

Benton House Winter Break Technology Camp


Durango, Mexico

Designed to be international and multi-lingual from its beginning.  In 2000 YTC brought six students and 10 computers to Durango Mexico, home of two of the students building a multi-faceted academic and cultural relationship.  

  • YTC youth have donated over 1200 refurbished computers to Durango’s schools and communities.

  • YTC brought 130 Chicago teens to Durango between 2000-2008 on one-week computer-cultural exchange trips.

  • YTC annually hosts 40-50 Durango students & teachers in Chicago in a one-week academic, cultural & technology collaboration

  • Morton East High School and Nuevo Ideal, Durango Mexico students hold joint weekly webinars on Coding & Robotics projects.


YTC is a founding member and Education Dir. of the FEDERACIÓN DURANGUENSE  EN CHICAGO Y MEDIO OESTE working with the Governor of Durango and surrounding communities.