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A Vision for the Future
"David climbing the Chimneys, Smokey Mountain NP"

David Finkel, YTC President & Founder: David taught in Chicago Public Schools, was a community organizer who served as asst-director of real estate in Illinois government and built a national real estate company before starting YTC in 2002. His combination of education, government, and business experience has informed the creation of YTC.

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Angela James PhD, VP Pharmacology MacroGenics:

YTC Co-Chair: Angela learned about YTC when her son joined the YTC club in Evanston, after they moved there in 2015. She saw the impact YTC has on young people when Her son participated in bringing computers to New Orleans in 2016 and joined the board soon after. A global voice in the pharmacology world and passion for supporting women in STEM, Angela is adding her network to YTC’s resources and directly involved in planning YTC’s future steps.

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Mark Lennon, UPS:

YTC Co-Chair came to YTC after a long career that culminated as the Executive Director of Benton House a century-old community center located in the Bridgeport Community in Chicago. Operating as a Settlement House, Benton House became a center for social justice in the community. Mark’s passion for, and insight of, community building at the grassroots level has helped shape the planning for YTC’s next stage


Mark Engel, Principal, ProGems Ltd.,

Chairman Emeritus A well-known “Jeweler Designer To The Stars” and Music Promoter, Mark’s passion for helping others led him to YTC in 2007. His prodigious fund-raising and networking continue to energize YTC. He has brought in support from Chase, OfficeMax, among others and numerous sports and entertainment figures. His connections in communities in need has helped YTC youth donate 1000s of computers throughout greater Chicago

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Roman Emano, Science teacher, Morton Freshman Center, Cicero: YTC Board Member: Roman learned of YTC in 2002 while teaching at Morton East HS, YTC’s founding club. In addition to teaching science Roman is a team-building expert. He joined the trip to Durango Mexico in 2003 and joined the YTC board the next year. He has provided team-building training, leadership and teaching advice for YTC students continuously since 2003


Alumni Leadership Group

A YTC CLUB is so much bigger than a group of teens meeting after school. It is a movement, an idea thirty years in the making. A YTC CLUB is an engine of democracy for both access to technology and education. We donate locally and globally as well as Educate without Borders by creating the leaders of tomorrow with a STEM curriculum focused on Social Justice. Please visit our Support Page to help us expand our footprint and enhance our services.

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