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Welcome to the HOMEPAGE of Morton East High School's YTC Club. 

 This is where it all began, Morton East High School is our founding club site. It's where an idea formed to change the community using teens as allies and agents of change. On this page learn more about our history, our current club activities, accomplishments, and plans for the future. It all happens here.

Over the last quarter of a century, YTC has nurtured a STEM Eco-System that has created a ladder of opportunity, a community of support, and international partnerships.

Morton's Cyber-Service started as an independent technology club formed in the basement of their Cicero, Illinois public High School in 1998. Our first students learned how a computer works by building one. One turned into many, and the club learned how to network computers and our youth began launching computer labs and teaching computer literacy at non-profits and primary schools throughout the community. 

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