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 Over the many years, YTC has provided a week immersed in technology, nature, team building, and friendship. The camps have taken place in National Parks and recreation areas in North Carolina, Missouri and Southern Illinois. It's a week packed with activities and new experiences for each student.

TECHNOLOGY: Computers, Arduinos, and more – Participants receive an introduction to Computer A+ Certification, learn to program Arduinos (C and C++) and program their own camp medallion on our 3-D Printer. 


SERVICE:  Every camp prepares computers that are donated to a community organization in need


TEAM BUILDING: YTC’s teambuilding helps participants from different communities work and play together. YTC Students have also led STEM training sessions to non-Ytc campers at shared or adjoining camp sites.

FUN:  Summer camp offers adventure, fun, hope, and life-changing experiences for city youth. For many, these camps have been the student's first time away from the urban setting.        


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