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       TitaniumTech Competition   

Every spring, YTC hosts "Titanium Tech Competion” where students from each club compete for the championship.  The team to repairs their computer the quickest wins. Participants represent our Charter clubs, select local and regional clubs, and a select delegation from YTC Durango. The students enjoy spirited competition, engaging collaborations, and cultural exchanges.

Students work hard all year honing their skills to participate. Each club chooses its best students for each team testing their ability to work together learning about quality control, conflicts, and time management. Winners are recognized while earning mini-grants for their individual clubs.

team Durango 2019_edited.jpg



Titanium Tech Competition will be designed to be:

  • A part of a club’s activities

  • A fun way to learn new skills

  • A source of pride for medalists

YTC’s Titanium Tech Competition consists of:


  • Build a computer from a pile of parts and boot it up

  • Troubleshoot a sabotaged computer and boot it up

  • Computer Jeopardy – explain key terms & concepts in rapid fire questions

  • A Robotics Competition

A fun, exciting event with unlimited potential!

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