The YTC technology club is an out-of-school club where young people refurbish computers and other technology devices which are then donated to others both in their community and beyond. The core goal is to teach youth important technology skills through learning to refurbish computers and other devices which, when finished they donate to others. As technology and the devices we use change, YTC is using the desktop computer as the starting point for understanding the principles behind all data and voice devices. This provides participants with authentic learning and hands on activity at the same time they are gaining confidence and connecting learning with helping others.

YTC is a club not a program or a class because a club can provide a wider range of experiences and lessons as well as providing many more ways of engaging today’s youth. YTC’s clubs are designed as drop-in environments where one can visit for a few weeks or months, or join the club, gain serious technical skills and grow into one of the positions of responsibility.

Each club member is expected to join two teams; a learning team or study group at their same level of knowledge and one of the operations teams responsible for running the club. As a club, officers are chosen from youth members because of their interest and demonstrated responsibility. A YTC club is a small non-profit enterprise where youth must keep records of Club activities including inventory, fund-raisers, field trips and communication. YTC Clubs are also Registered Microsoft Refurbishers. Computers donated by YTC clubs have Certificates of Authenticity. Club members must also investigate and choose recipients of their computers and technical assistance.