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"YTC Connects" is our effort to close the inequity gap exacerbated by the digital divide in both local and international communities. We do so by teaching our students to refurbish computers as well as training others to repeat the process under our supervision. Our Charter Clubs or affiliates find deserving families or organizations and then find the resources necessary to put technology into the hands of people who are left behind.

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Without ever charging for a program or an experience, over 2,500 YTC students have refurbished and donated over 4,000 computers to 40+ communities in North America

Recent Donations


Families of the Tepehuanes Municipality in the Mexican state of Durango welcome YTC as they arrive with 100 computers to donate.

Spotlight On Impact

The destinations below represent some of our efforts to Bridge the Digital Divide around the globe, across the United States, and right here at home in the Chicagoland area. 


ETHS    Connects Evanston


YTC Connects North Carolina

Thanks to Office Max

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Morton East    Connects Cicero

Thank you to our hosts, The Center for Ethical Living and Social Justice Renewal — in New

ETHS Connects

New Orleans

Benton House Connects Back of the Yards, Pilsen, Bridgeport

Image by Chi Girls

YTC Connects Chicago's Southside


At the heart of the matter.

YTC has been a force for good, serving and connecting communities, both locally and internationally.

The digital divide is not just a policy or infrastructure issue. It is a social justice matter in that lack of access to technology disproportionately affects people of color, low-income individuals, and families.

A YTC CLUB is so much bigger than a group of teens meeting after school. It is a movement, an idea thirty years in the making. A YTC CLUB is an engine of democracy for both access to technology and education. We donate locally and globally as well as Educate without Borders by creating the leaders of tomorrow with a STEM curriculum focused on Social Justice. Please visit our Support Page to help us expand our footprint and enhance our services.

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