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Using a sychronous peer learning system fueled by the changes brought about in the post-pandemic world, YTC is uniquely positioned to offer an exciting approach to STEM education and societal reform.

This  combined with our in-person mentoring and educational modules gives us the chance to make our students into teachers, while they continue their own path to a better future

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More than 65% of students will work in jobs that don’t even exist today. YTC prepares them for that future by getting them excited about where technology can take them through hands-on, skills-based learning, and how their efforts can benefit others through community-based advocacy.


YTC delivers technology-based, workforce development programs through clubs, camps, and competitions that connect to reach thousands of students every year, with a  primary focus on people of color who are

underrepresented in the field today.

Peer-to-Peer Goes Virtual

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and Youth Technology Corps goes Arduino

During the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic, YTC pivoted when we launched our virtual synchronous peer learning model.  We were inspired by the 2017 launch of our Arduino Curriculum. It was mastered by our students who successfully facilitated virtual instruction for students and teachers in our partner clubs in Durango Mexico in 2018.


By 2021, with advances in virtual learning technology, a handful of trained YTC student instructors taught twenty-five new students our new Arduino Curriculum.

Then last summer 25 YTC student-teachers are facilitating classes for over 100 students from seven states and nine organizations, with children aged seven to seventeen.

Also in early 2022  our Intro to Engineering with Arduinos was assessed by Harvard's PEAR Institutes STEM OUTCOMES AND QUALITY assessment tool, where  we exceeded the national average in seven of ten categories

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Current Arduino Virtual  Training 
Provided by YTC@Morton East
 International   Connection

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The Exciting News about this spring's Intro to Engineering Program is that our Ethiopian partners at Haile-Manas Acadamey are not only learning our modules, but they will also be teaching the class to local middle school students this summer in Ethiopia. 

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A YTC CLUB is so much bigger than a group of teens meeting after school. It is a movement, an idea thirty years in the making. A YTC CLUB is an engine of democracy for both access to technology and education. We donate locally and globally as well as Educate without Borders by creating the leaders of tomorrow with a STEM curriculum focused on Social Justice. Please visit our Support Page to help us expand our footprint and enhance our services.

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