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The Idea

We are launching a new way to introduce robotics across underserved communities all over the country and beyond. It’s a concept that worked well in our pandemic-inspired model and now we are testing its scalability. It’s a system where every student can become a teacher with the opportunity to be rewarded for helping the community grow.

In honing this approach, not only are we introducing new students to STEM Education, but we are also building leaders and problem solvers who are prepared to take what they have learned and build a career path in a technology-driven economy.

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Nationally Reviewed

The concept has been well reviewed. Our student participants were given surveys by the  PEAR Institute, nationally recognized for evaluating out of school STEM programs. Compared  to national averages, we scored:

  • 10% higher STEM Engagement

  • 20% higher STEM Enjoyment

  • 18% higher Career Interest,

  • 25% higher in STEM Activities

  •  13% higher in  Critical Thinking,

  • 12% higher in Perseverance

  • 9% higher in Relationships with Adults.

summer arduino PROGRAM

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This Summer

Get an introduction to Robotics in this FIVE week, FIFTEEN hours interactive online course

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