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Schedules to fit any Program

• Five weeks from

June 27th to July 29th, 2022 

• 15 hours total 

• A one-hour class,

three days per week 

multiple times/days

Virtual Course including all materials at no cost to you

 YTC student teachers teach virtually using Zoom. You will need an adult supervisor who will either meet with your students at your location or sit in on the Zoom sessions if students take the course from home. The age range is 4th grade through college

Our Teachers
Your students

 Your classes will be taught virtually by a  team of YTC student teachers at a ratio of  5 students to 1 teacher in groups of 2 and classes of 10 students. The student  teachers are supervised by a team of  

teachers and STEM specialists.

Free Summer Program

For Organizations or for individuals. Learn more about this groundbreaking program

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Social Justice

From giving locally to providing a service to encompass the globe. YTC thrives to be one of the solutions to the education and technology gap.

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At the core of the YTC model is the club. A safe place to encourage personal growth and practice Social Justice by offering accessible education and working to bridge the digital divide.

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Support the movement

We need your help at this critical time of growth. Donate here to help us build our Club and Virtual Learning Portal. Or sponsor deserving youth to participate in our free summer program.

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