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Through our local clubs, we create young LEADERS in their community by inviting them to assume real-world responsibility. 

We expose them to a STEM curriculum authentically and through that process purposely mentor them to educate and help others. 

The result is our Corps of prepared youth provide an affordable,
accessible template that can both:


Locally and Globally  

Our students are taught the basics that allow them to refurbish computers, focus on a fair donation process, and offer instruction to the community so they can join in on the process.

Educate Without Borders

(Peer-to-Peer, Synchronous Mentoring) turns students into inspiring teachers, strengthening our students' development of crucial skills while fostering the relationships that allow access to education everywhere.

We have been shaping our model for nearly thirty years,  and now YTC has the opportunity to play a role in the evolution of education, and we are starting to realize this dream with the establishment of the


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Our Clubs


Bridge the Digital Divide


Global Reach


Youth Technology Corps operates a peer learning system rooted in education and social justice that has evolved since 1998. Today, fueled by the changes in the post-pandemic world, YTC is uniquely positioned to offer the world an approach to STEM education and societal reform. Since we launched the first YTC club, advancements in virtual participation have opened the door, and bright light has fallen upon a system exacerbating the inequity problem in STEM learning.

YTC has always been on the front lines of this battle to democratize the digital world and we started by launching technology clubs designed to train youth to help bridge the digital divide some twenty-five years ago.  Using students to become teachers of content in order to deepen their technical capabilities while learning 21st-century skills such as communication, collaboration, and problem-solving, we started refurbishing computers, creating computer labs, and teaching computer literacy locally and across North America.


The YTC Six

Graduates of '23


YTC's Secret Ingredient

The CEE and CSP Programs bring the world to Chicago.

Introducing YTC's amazing relationship with the US Department of State, IREX CEE, and CSP Programs, allowing our teens to be introduced to the world through the mentoring of Fellows from across the globe. As of the fall of '23, we have hosted a CEE Fellow from Ghana, Cairo, and Namibia and our current accomplished CSP Fellow Luzette Kuwung from Cameroon.

Ava will be attending Purdue University for mechanical engineering. 


"Serving as Co-President of YTC at ETHS has taught me about what it takes to be a quality leader. It has been rewarding working together with many different personalities on both robotics and computer refurbishment.


I feel that I have grown my skills on public speaking, collaboration, and organization. Not only has my knowledge about computer refurbishment and Arduinos improved, but also has the ability to teach others. YTC has shown me how much I enjoy being hands on and the importance of spreading my knowledge with others.


I can confidently say that this club has well prepared me for engineering in college and beyond." 

Paper Heart


Our local Community

YTC is nothing but an abstract idea without the students in our clubs who dedicate themselves to personal growth, the search for meaningful careers, and a commitment to being agents of change that create a local STEM Ecosystem.

The students strive to unite generations to make the world better, one community at a time. Our global ambitions serve our students first as they develop their role in creating local and global solutions for the underserved.

To cap our 22/23 school year our efforts manifested in our

Best Foor Forward Event


Prepare youth

for the technology-driven future through education and civic engagement.

Our Vision

A Corps of engaged teens grow into successful

 agents of change that

 democratize both

education and access

across the globe. 


Thank you for exploring YTC

A YTC CLUB is so much bigger than a group of teens meeting after school. It is a movement, an idea thirty years in the making. A YTC CLUB is an engine of democracy for both access to technology and education. We donate locally and globally as well as Educate without Borders by creating the leaders of tomorrow with a STEM curriculum focused on Social Justice. Please visit our Support Page to help us expand our footprint and enhance our services.

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