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This is a portal to  our CLUB Sites that serve as the incubators for all of our programs. It is there that Leaders are created, where the curriculum is developed, and where donations originate.

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Without ever charging for a program or an experience, over 2,500 YTC students have refurbished and donated over 4,000 computers to 40+ communities in North America


Using a peer learning system fueled by the changes brought about in the post-pandemic world, YTC is uniquely positioned to offer an exciting approach to STEM education and societal reform.


May 5th-7th  2023 100 Computers
for Evanston 


Help Us Connect

We are targeting the communities of Evanston, Haiti, Ghana, and Tepehuanes Mexico

this fall for computer donations.

We are searching for partners of all kinds, from organizations seeking computers or wanting to learn how to refurbish computers to donors who can help us cover the expenses of reaching the underserved.

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YTC Connects

Our battle to fight inequality.

According to TakingITGlobal, the digital divide now encompasses the ability, both technical and financial, to make full use of the technology available, taking into consideration access, or lack of access, to the internet. It's most direct impact on K-12 students in communities of color, which can lead to long-term negative consequences. Learn more about YTC CONNECTS here.

Youth Technology Corps has evolved over three decades to an idea designed to connect our country and cross borders with digital assets and peer to peer learning opportunities. In that process YTC creates empathic leaders, with aspirations for personal growth and social justice. 

Thank You

Seargent Lundy
who provides the lion share of our raw material as Sargent & Lundy's retired computers are getting a second life giving us the tools we need to connect and transform communities worldwide.
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