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 (Below) In advance of the May 7th event these young students from District 65's Camp Kumba visit the YTC Clubroom that will become their Summer Camp Stem Room  staffed with YTC  Student Instructors

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Learning Centers $1000 (Three rooms available)

Help us out by sponsoring one of our three adjacent classrooms.

Classroom One: Staffed by Club Members and Volunteers who will be building computers the entire day getting them close to donation ready. Our Future Heroes and Computer Recipients will be able to tour the room and receive previews of the refurbishment process prior to their summer training.

Classroom Two: In this room our guests will be able to get some hands-on experience, in opening the computer, taking out/installing the hard drive, and Ram

Classroom Three: In this room, our Future Heroes will be introduced to their new computer and learn how to operate the device. They will be given a short lesson on computer literacy and start to personalize their machine.

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Partner Booth $500-$2000 (three booths available one shown here)


Do you provide a computer-related service, or software that our clients may be interested in?  We will have a semi-private booth for your product or service.



Help us serve our community or find low-cost solutions for connectivity or security for these deserving families.   


Summer Teachers

$3000 YOUTH sponsor provides 5 student teachers stipends for facilitating refurbishment classes throughout the summer. (Four available)


$1500 Technology Sponsors

allows YTC to purchase hard drives and peripherals for donated desktops


$800 Corps Sponsors  We need volunteers to help with computer refurbishment, client services, event staff including set-up and clean-up. Can you sponsor a group in this effort. Volunteers cost money, there’s training supervision and refreshments.

Media Tech Support

$500 Media Sponsors (two available) Although we will be inviting News outlets and ETHS will be covering the event. We hope to hire our own photographer for both video and photos. We may have to hire an AV dedicated expert to run the video presentations if we don’t end up with a well-suited volunteer.

Every little bit helps

Heroes Wanted

$500 Community Support

Each one, Tech One

Thank you for supporting us.

$100 Family Support

This represents one more 

Family connected 

$25 is an affirmation that we are starting to reach like-minded individuals

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