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The Team at Benton House learned that a great organization nearby was having issues with computers, their old computers could no longer run the ESL software for English Classes, there were not enough computers for after-school homework help and the Port wanted to establish a community Computer Lab so that seniors could access the internet.

The donation was sponsored by the employees of UPS at the Hodgkins Illinois Plant through donations made through United Way

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Port Ministries

The Port Ministries is a nonprofit organization servicing Chicago’s “Back of the Yards” community. Inspired by St. Francis of Assisi and the Franciscan Charism, The Port hopes to provide the fundamental needs of the body, mind and spirit. We do this by providing the community with free programming and services to help better themselves and their families. The comprehensive and integrated services of The Port Ministries, although not unique, are rare in their unified scope. They not only address the basic need of food, healthcare, and education, but also attack the root problems of poverty, hunger and despair. By empowering children and families with the necessary spiritual counseling, training and support, The Port aids in providing the community the opportunity to improve their economic situation and enhance their lives.

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