Community Building & Good Citizenship

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Community Building & Good Citizenship

YTC Youth help their communities by donating technology, gaining self-esteem in the process.  They accomplish this through direct engagement with the people in their community, not through a book.


More than 65% of students will work in jobs that don’t even exist today. YTC prepares them for that future by getting them excited about where technology can take them through hands-on, skills-based learning, and how their efforts can benefit others through community-based advocacy.


YTC delivers technology-based, workforce development programs through clubs, camps, and competitions that connects to reach thousands of students every year, with a focus on those who are underrepresented in the field today.


According to ACT data, not enough U.S. students are equipped for STEM opportunities now or in the future. YTC provides the means to improve STEM achievement and expand opportunities to increase students’ readiness to pursue and succeed in STEM-related careers through Clubs, Camps, & Competitions.


Through a central hub, YTC clubs, camps, and competitions receive access to guidance, curricula,
standards, and participation in YTC events.


YTC has developed the tools, portals, and plans that help schools and communities start and sustain their own YTC Technology Clubs.


  • YTC clubs, camps, and competitions serve at-risk middle & high school students in partnership with community mentors and volunteers.


  • Over 2,500 YTC students have refurbished and donated over 4,000 computers to 40+ communities

  • Since 2009, YTC has offered free summer computer camps to more than 325 youth from more than 30 communities in seven states.

  • Since 2010, YTC has held Titanium Tech Competitions every spring in Cicero, Illinois where 150 youth have demonstrated their expertise as they compete for medals.

  • YTC provides at-risk youth with STEM learning, good citizenship, and recycling practices while bridging the digital divide in the communities where they live. 

  • Over fifteen years, YTC has built a working model and assembled key partnerships in Illinois, North Carolina, Texas, and Mexico, with more coming on board each year.

  • YTC and its partners work together to unite YTC and its clubs, camps, and competitions into a central hub that offers guidance, curricula, standards and participation in all YTC events. Communities around the world can join, receiving help starting and maintaining a YTC club. 


  • YTC alumni are pursuing or have received technology-related degrees at colleges and universities including the University of Illinois, Illinois Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Binghamton University, Stanford University, Northern Illinois University, DePaul University, and many others.



We make a living by what we get. 

We make a life by what we give.”

~ Winston S. Churchill

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