The YTC Free Technology Camp brings together YTC’s best youth to City Kids Camp on 167-acres in Lewiston, Illinois (just north of Peoria) for a week packed with activities and new experiences for each student.

TECHNOLOGY: Computers, Arduinos, and more – Participants receive an introduction to Computer A+ Certification, learn to program Arduinos (C and C++) and program their own camp medallion on our 3-D Printer. 


SERVICE:  Every camp prepares computers that are donated to a community organization in need


TEAM BUILDING: YTC’s teambuilding helps participants from different communities work and play together. 

FUN: Camp offers adventure, fun, hope and life-changing experiences for city youth.

Social-Emotional lessons – Collaboration, goal setting, helping others, confidence building, leadership,      


HOPE: - Lessons in real life, not a classroom!


  • 167-Acre Camp only 3 Hours from Chicago!

  • Accommodations for 150 Campers per week

  • 16 Cabins and a Lodge with Game Rooms, Gymnasium, Cafeteria, Commercial Kitchen, and Meeting Rooms.

  • 3.5-Acre Pond with Fish, Canoes, Boats, and Water Obstacles.

  • Rock Climbing Walls

  • Tree Obstacle Course

  • Hiking Trails

  • Bike Park

  • And more!


Our mission and passion have always been to provide a refuge and respite for our Chicago at-risk kids and give them the opportunity to experience nature, camp and some inner peace. Whether faced with the physical effects of poverty or the danger of gangs, violence, drug abuse and hopelessness, we want to provide children a place to experience a true outdoor adventure. We believe we can build foundations that lead to hope, motivation and a better future through mentorships, motivational speakers, counseling, opportunities for internships, continuing education and ultimately, finding meaningful work.


~ Hector Corona
President, Board of Directors, Founder

City Kids Camp