YTC holds two free summer computer camps annually in North Carolina and Missouri. At these 1-week overnight camps, schools and community organizations bring up to five youth and two adults where they learn how to refurbish computers and how to start a YTC club. Completed computers are donated to their communities. These camps for under-served youth give them an intense introduction to technology at the same time they get a cultural and team building experience living and working with youth from as many as fifteen different communities from multiple states. Experienced YTC youth are junior instructors teaching what they know and learning valuable leadership and teamwork skills. For interested groups, the camps provide an introduction and training in starting their own YTC Club.

The North Carolina camp takes place at New Hope Camp and Conference Center in Chapel Hill North Carolina. New Hope is a Christian camp facility that comfortably houses fifty individuals, thirty five to forty youth in a wooded, bunk house environment of over 200 acres. The Missouri camp takes place at Cuivre River State Park in Troy Missouri. Cuivre River is a 6,400 acre state park with group facilities that can house up to 200 people in a bunk house environment.

Sponsorships where individuals and corporations can sponsor an individual youth or entire groups for attending a YTC camp can be purchased to help their own community.