**Please be aware, computer donation requests will only be considered for organizations in the Chicago-land area.**

If you would like YTC to donate computers to your organization, there are some things that you should be aware of before you request.

We are Microsoft Registered refurbishers.  As such, your organization must fall within the guidelines of what Microsoft will allows us to do in terms of licenses.  Your Organization must be:

  • A School
  • A non -profit or a church
  • A Library requesting computers for public use

If you do not see your organization type on this list, please contact YTC to see if your organization may qualify in some other way.

Computers are prepared by YTC Students.  As such, it takes some time for the students to test, prepare, and have the computers ready.  We have a waiting list of organizations that have made requests to YTC, so it might take a while before YTC can accept your request.  Once YTC has agreed to fulfill your reuqest, a specific program will be preparing your donation.  That program will do its best to let you know when they will try to complete your donation and make further arrangements with you to complete the donation.  It takes time.

  • Computers are desktop models, P4 or better
  • OS: Windows 7 Pro or XP Pro
  • RAM: 1 G (Windows 7) or 500M (XP Pro)
  • Open Office or Libre Office pre loaded
  • We ask for an exchange donation of $20 per computer that you receive.  This helps us with Microsoft licensing;  the money goes right back to the program that prepared your computers for supplies, certifications costs, and the occassional pizza party!  If you cannot afford this, please contact us and we can work with you.

We also ask that you come and speak to the program directly to thank the students for their work, and so that they can see the impact of their actions.  How you choose to do this is up to you.  You can come and simply say thank you, or you can arrange something else.

    You will be asked to sign a Donee Agreement, which you can review here:

YTC Donee Agreement

Now that you know, if you’d like to request a donation, please send us a letter with your request adhering to the follwing guidelines:

  • Your letter must be written on your organization’s letterhead and signed by an authorized representative.
  • You must state how many computers you are requesting.
  • You must tell us how the computers you are requesting will be used, and how they will benefit your organization or community.

Once your letter is ready, please send it to info@ytcorps.org and wait for an acknowledgment.