Donations are always welcome.  You can also:JR with Cables

Donate financially in two ways:

  • PayPal (Click Below):
  • Amazon Smile (Click Below):

Volunteer with our students at one of the programs:

  • Share your technological knowledge
  • Share your professional expertise
  • Share your skills
  • Share your passion

Volunteer with our staff:

  • Provide managerial support and database management
  • Assist with program evaluations and measurements
  • Help with donation intake process, drive wiping, testing, and documenting

Volunteer with our Junior Board:

  • Serve on a committee
  • Join our fundraising efforts
  • Spread the word about our programs

Donate new or used equipment:

    • Desktop Computers: Dual Core or newer. (Dated from 2009 or later). Accepted if not working as long as RAM is still in the computer.
    • Laptop Computers – preferably with power supply, dated 2009 or newer.
    • Monitors: ONLY WORKING MONITORS ACCEPTED. CRT monitors cannot be greater than 17″ screens.
    • Computer parts, especially RAM, USB Mice,USB Keyboard, newer wifi (Wireless G) cards.

Please contact us to approve donations of the following:

        • MP3 players (including iPods)
        • Digital cameras
        • Software
        • Books, relevant materials and resources, supplies
        • Basic tools, testing tools, air compressors.
        • Classroom equipment such as cork board or whiteboards
        • Consult with us if you’d like to donate anything not included in this list.

Have a different idea? Ask us!

    We’re flattered that you thought of us, honest!  But we’re a small staff, and sometimes, we cannot arrange to pick up your donation within the next (blank) hours.  It’s not that we’re ungrateful, we just don’t have the man power.  If you’re able to bring it to us, we’d be very grateful!   YTC youth also are very appreciative of your efforts, but please don’t use this as an opportunity to get rid of all your e -waste or other waste without telling us about it.  Talk to us first!  Maybe we can make arrangement to get it all taken care of for you, but don’t surprise us with a lot of  not so useful stuff  if what we’re expecting is a small bit of useful stuff.

    We are open to creative ideas, and we look forward to working with you.