Titanium Tech 2014 – Photos

Once again we had another exciting Titanium Tech Competition – the Titanium Tech 2014 competition included students from, Durango, Mexico, Horas Mann, Ella Flag, Morton East, and Evanston Township. Stay tuned for videos and stories from the  students!

Titanium Tech a Success!

YTC’s annual Titanium Tech competition was a huge success!!  All three teams consisted of a mix of high school students, Durango Students and Elementary school students, and they all battled their hearts out!

After an exciting start, the three times were will within 5 points of each other going in to the Quiz Bowl.  The rules […]

2013 Titanium Tech Competition

YTC is hard at work getting the 2013 Titanium Tech Competition ready to go!

Should be fun – come and check it out!

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Titanium Tech Competition Explained

Every spring, YTC has the opportunity to host a computer refurbishing competition called “Titanium Tech”. The students work hard all year long to participate in this anticipated event. They practice their computer skills tirelessly with the hope that their team will be deemed the Titanium Tech champion.

In Spring, we will select the hardest working students to […]