The Nairobi Girls Chorale is an a cappella singing group of young women from colleges around

Nairobi, Kenya, directed by David Isindu. During December and January, they impressed

audiences and made friends all around the Chicago area in a musical and cultural exchange

program organized and hosted by the Evanston Teen Choir of Etc. Music School, Mike O’Mara,

director, as well as Sarah Ojiambo Liddell of Voices International, a non-profit organization

which promotes the well-being of people of color through education, cultural awareness, and


To support a continuing international cultural exchange among the Nairobi Girls Chorale,

Evanston Teen Choir, and Voices International, students from the YTC club at Morton East High

School in Cicero, IL refurbished and updated two laptops with docking stations for the chorale.

David Finkel, Youth Technology Corps president and founder, presented these laptop donations

to the Nairobi Girls Chorale at their concert at SPACE in Evanston on January 3rd. Mr. Finkel

said, “I thought their music was so inspiring, and the plight of young women in Africa is often so

threatening, that anything we could do to help them is a big plus.”


Youth Technology Corps hopes this donation will help Nairobi Girls Chorale have needed

technology to stay in touch with Evanston Teen Choir, Voices International, and perhaps even

folkloric music groups at YTC high schools. In the words of David Finkel, “Ideally, YTC is a

catalyst for connecting.”