YTC Evanston had the opportunity to teach a lesson in technology to 8 – 12 year old students at Ridgeville in Evanston. This collaboration was thanks to Jill S. of the Evanston Public Library, the Ridgeville – YTC Evanston collaboration was a huge success, not only did out teens interact with other youth in the community, they were able to take charge and lead a group of 25+ students!!

This was such an amazing thing to witness, the students of Ridgeville were so into what Jessica, Mikey, and Curtis (YTC Students) were saying, time flew by. The best part is the Ridgeville students had plenty of questions, this was a fantastic way of introducing technology to the younger kiddies and very interactive.

Our YTC teens opened up the computers and let the students of Ridgeville get a closer look on the inside, they students were able to touch parts and pass them around and they were also able to build a computer. Wow!!

We look forward to continuing our efforts with Ridgeville, please take a look at some of the fun photos from the event.

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