Imagine a world where struggling communities together with their youth join the digital world and global economy; where a good idea can grow at breathtaking speed.

YTC is a collection of community/school computer clubs and associated partners connected and supported through a central hub.

What is YTC Today:

  • YTC operates after-school computer clubs in metro Chicago where more than 1800 youth have refurbished and donated more than 3,200 computers to more than 40 communities.
  • Since 2009, YTC has offered free summer computer camps in Missouri hosting more than 300 youth from more than 30 communities in seven states.
  • Since 2010, YTC has held Titanium Tech Competitions every spring in Cicero, Illinois where 150 youth have demonstrated their expertise as they compete for medals.
  • YTC provides under-served youth with STEM learning, good citizenship and recycling practices while bridging the digital divide all in the communities where they live.

Over fifteen years, YTC has built a working model and assembled key partnerships in Chicago; North Carolina; and Durango, Mexico

Next, Build The YTC Network:

Now, YTC and its partners propose to build YTC and it’s clubs, camps and competitions into a central hub that offers guidance, curricula, standards and participation in YTC events. Communities around the world can join, receiving help starting and maintaining a YTC club.

  • Expand and develop networks of YTC clubs providing assistance and a platform for club collaboration.
  • Expand the materials for non professionals to teach technology and lead an out-of-school club.

The Need:

  • The need for STEM and Job Training skills is great. YTC’s Network offers a low-cost option.
  • YTC’s partners agree and want to start over one hundred (100) YTC Clubs within five years for their communities in Chicago (66 clubs), North Carolina (20 clubs) and Durango, Mexico (15 clubs). Prototype clubs are underway in Chicago and North Carolina.
  • YTC is building a coalition of supporters and industry leaders to provide funds and expertise.

Interested in making a difference: